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Learner Case Studies

Meet Lizzie Dawson

Lizzie has been diagnosed with Pfeiffer Syndrome, a genetic disorder characterised by premature fusion of the skull bones. She has been registered blind since 2006 and also has bilateral moderate conductive hearing loss. Lizzie receives one-to-one in-class support in every lesson for note-taking, mobility and to make sure she is fully aware of what's happening around her. She has the use of her own laptop and takes electronic notes in size 72 font.   

Meet James Salt

James has been diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and moderate learning difficulties. James has made huge progress in developing his confidence and social skills. He has gained valuable work experience as a volunteer at University Hospital of North Staffordshire. James has in-class support plus an additional one-to-one support session with a learning support assistant to ensure he keeps up to date with his work.

Meet Swera Khalid

Swera has a profound sensorineural hearing loss and wears two cochlear implants. She uses a combined method of communication, utilising sound, lip-reading and sign language and required access to all these elements in her sessions. Swera had two communication support workers and had access to course information via i-Site. She also had a weekly one-to-one support session and access to support outside lessons. She achieved the top  D*D*D* in her Extended Diploma in Health & Social Care (equivalent to A*A*A* grades at A level) and has gone on to study dental technology at Manchester Metropolitan University.  

Meet Andrew Birkin

Andrew has cerebral palsy and general learning difficulties. He is a wheelchair user and has limited mobility in his hands. He is able to use a laptop or computer keyboard for note taking and is moving towards being as self-sufficient and independent as possible. Andrew had in-class support to assist with note taking and to check his understanding of set tasks. He has now started his first job with Cauldwell Children's charity.

Meet Ryan Martin.

Ryan is a profoundly deaf learner and has a deaf family. One of the main challenges facing Ryan is mixing and fitting into a mainstream environment - something he has done incredibly well. Ryan has one communication support worker while at college and accesses course information via i-Site. He has a weekly one-to-one support session. 


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