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Sports Volunteering

The Sports Volunteering and Leadership Academy provides you with the opportunity and incentives to become involved in the local area, through coaching and volunteering.

As part of the programme, you will be signed up to the Youth Sports Trust’s Step into the Sport Volunteer Passport Scheme. This is an online database where you log your volunteering hours and work towards a nationally recognised qualification.

Also, as part of the programme, you will receive incentives throughout your volunteering experience that relate to the numbers of hours you volunteer. An initial starter pack includes a Nike t-shirt that is to be worn when volunteering; and as you progress, more items of clothing become available. 

You may already have a volunteer placement set up that you attend every week, but if not, the College will help as much as it can by finding placements through its partners such as the County Sports Partnership, Coalfield Regeneration Programme and local universities.
Three of the College’s students have recently been selected to take part in prestigious national sports volunteering programmes.


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