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Students celebrate all things British

26th April 2016

Friday 22 April saw Foundation Studies celebrate all things British, in the latest Active Citizen FE project undertaken at Newcastle-under-Lyme College (NULC).

The students, many of whom live with autism or are challenged by a learning disability or difficulty, hosted an event for learners, staff, parents/carers and professionals from the local area.

In a year where British people debate whether to stay or remain within the European Union (EU) and a month where Queen Elizabeth II turned ninety years of age, the subject of British Values, is one that is very much a hot topic within society.

Lecturer and co-ordinator of the project Lorraine Myers said: “According to the government, Fundamental British Values are: democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and respect and tolerance of those with different beliefs and faiths. Students at NULC, feel they already engage in this agenda through the ‘NULC Core Values’. These values are embedded into student work across all areas of the curriculum and tutorials, so that students develop the skills and confidence required to successfully live and work in modern Britain, once they’ve finished studying with us.”

Through a montage of speeches, music and video, the students, have brought these values to the attention of staff, students and invited guests in order to showcase Britain as we see it today.

Students, Fathima Alam and Alisha Dale, weren’t surprised by the number of people that had a limited understanding of these core Fundamental British Values.

Alisha said: “Until we did this project, I didn’t really know how important they were within society.”

According to Fathima: “It was an interesting project. Interesting because until we did it, a lot of people didn’t think we’d got anything to be proud of, but we have and I think everyone should know how lucky we are.”


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